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Jennifer Aniston snags GQ ‘Man’ of the Year

Jennifer Aniston gq magazine coverIf there are any lingering doubts left over that Jen and Vince are a couple, they disappeared Tuesday, when the pair not only shared an historic honor, but Jen posed for some amazingly revealing photos.

A thin and playful Jennifer put modesty aside as the first ever woman to be honored on the cover in the 10-year history of GQ's "Men of the Year" issue series!

Jennifer Aniston earned the honor because the magazine said she showed a lot of poise, grace and good humor during her breakup with Brad Pitt this year. The couple's divorce was granted last month after four years of marriage.

She may be "Man of the Year," but Aniston shows she's all woman by posing topless on the cover and in some of the photos inside the magazine. She discreetly shows nothing.

Access caught up with former "Friends" star, Lisa Kudrow, to break the good news.

"Did you hear that Jennifer is going to be the first woman of the year for GQ magazine," Nancy O’Dell asked Lisa.

"Wow! Wow, that’s great! Oh, congratulations," Lisa exclaimed.

And look who grabbed "Man of the Year." Vince Vaughn!

But is the Jennifer-Vince combo opportunistic?

"We don't take our cues from the tabloids, and so, no, if they think it's opportunistic, that's fine, but anybody who understands the process understands that this was done well before we had any sort of sense that they were together, if in fact they are," explained Mark Healy, GQ writer and article editor.

And Mark, who interviewed Jen at her Malibu rental home, says funny man Vince helped Jen get through the rough times.

"She said that she danced and laughed more in the last two months than she had in the last 10 years," Mark told Access.

And what about Gwyneth Paltrow's comment that Aniston and Pitt were too open with their love in the good times?

"To my surprise," Mark said, "when I asked Jennifer about it, she said (Gwyneth) was right."

Also grabbing a "Man of the Year" cover? 50 Cent, who is joined inside the issue by Lance Armstrong, prison break stud Wentworth Miller and Kevin Federline!

"Kevin Federline is a spousal sex symbol of sorts, he's a new sort of trophy husband, and I think we'll be seeing more guys like him," Mark told Access.

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