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The Ultimate Bicep Workouts And Exercise Guide

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Workout for biceps

The biceps is a small arm muscle that can be built up through consistent effort and exercise. The biceps comprise only a relatively small portion of your upper arm. That is why there is always the danger of overtraining them. To avoid this risk, the best bicep workouts to choose are those that are short but intense and highly-focused.

Best Biceps Workouts

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In performing your bicep workouts, make sure that you work in total concentration such that you feel every single strand of your biceps tensing and responding to the exercise. You should also ensure a complete contraction and extension on every repetition because that is essential to total muscle growth and development. Resting for a short period after each set will also help you achieve the necessary burning sensation that signifies positive results.

Hardcore Hammer Curl Hardcore Hammer Curl - This is a very good exercise for developing your forearms as well as the smaller muscles of your biceps the brachialis and the brachioradialis.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls is a basic curl exercise targeting the bicep muscle and forearms. Your workout may start best with this exercise.

Biceps workouts can be varied. Some people like to do one heavy workout and one light one per week. Performing exercises with the cable machine can be one way of achieving this. Simply use a long bar on the cable machine in lieu of barbell curls or one-arm curls instead of dumbbell curls. Vary the workouts to keep shocking the biceps. Stay with the basic three exercises or a maximum of 12 sets.
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